Victoria Court Homeowners Association
Nestled on the westside of Costa Mesa amongst similar other small townhome and condominium associations as well as single family homes and apartments, Victoria Court adds to the unique mixture of residential living in this area of the city. 

This community website is meant to provide the owners/members of the associaton with a variety of information that will keep them informed on their association. 

Explore the website to find information such as board member contacts, documents, policies and board minutes and resolutions, e-forms, and more.

Click on the "members only" link to access the Alta Vista South portal where you can pay your dues online, register for an e-statement, submit and track a service request and much much more!
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permantely posted 12/19/07

Pursuant to California Civil Code, starting January 1, 2008, Board meeting agendas must be posted along with the notice of meeting in a prominent location in the common area or mailed to each homeowner. With the following exceptions, boards are not allowed to discuss or take action on any item not on that agenda.

•Residents may speak on any issue, regardless of whether it was listed on the agenda. 

•Board members and their agents (including managers) may briefly respond to statements or questions from association members, ask clarifying questions, make brief announcements, or make brief reports on their own activities. 

•Boards may refer certain informational matters and administrative tasks to its managers, agents and staff--even if these items were not listed on the agenda. 

•Any subject may be discussed and acted upon if there is an emergency, if immediate action is needed on a matter which arose after the agenda was distributed, or if the item was on a recent agenda and was continued to the current meeting.

The Victoria Court Homeowners Association Board of Directors will post the agenda and meeting notices in the pool facility as well as posting those documents on this page of the website.